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Sonnenschein – A602 2V

A602 2V

Brand: Sonnenschein

Models: A602/520 - 424 Ah, A602/625 - 509 Ah, A602/750 - 594 Ah, A602/850 - 716 Ah, A602/1130 - 955 Ah, A602/1415 - 1194 Ah, A602/1695 - 1433 Ah, A602/1960 - 1767 Ah, A602/2600 - 2236 Ah, A602/3270 - 2795 Ah, A602/3920 - 3354 AHr


A premium range manufactured in Germany and developed specifically for cycling applications. It has extraordinary energy-saving features in addition to robust reliability, proven for decades in many installations world wide.
Key Features:
• Exceptional cycling performance: 3500+ cycles at 50% DOD
• Dryfit GEL: VRLA technology
• Strong tubular plate technology: for longer life in tough conditions
• Lowest energy consumption – saving costs
• Horizontal mounting possible: easy installation and maintenance
• Completely recyclable: low CO2 footprint
• Cell interconnects included: to suit layout
• Proof against deep discharge – greater long-termenergy delivery
• Warranty: 2 years + 4 years ProRata

*Vertical or horizontal installation. Terminal interconnect links included for min. 12-unit purchase, please specify physical layout when ordering.
**Manufactured in Germany. Terms & Conditions apply to all warranty periods, please refer to respective brochures & manual

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