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Sonnenschein – PowerCycle 12V

PowerCycle 12V

Brand: Sonnenschein

Models: PC12/180A - 175Ah


The Sonnenschein PowerCycle is ideal for extreme climatic conditions, particularly for applications where power supply instability makes battery back-up crucial. As the latest advancement of the leading dryfit® Gel technology, this new battery will enable operators to reduce ongoing expenses from battery replacements, site visits, electricity and diesel costs.
Key Features:
• Advanced grid design for longer life at high temperatures: up to 5 years at 40°C in float operation (20 years at 20°C)
• Fast charging – high availability
• Exceptional cyclic performance: 1,600 cycles at 60%depth of discharge (C10, 20°C)
• Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +55°C
• Excellent performance in Partial State of Charge (PSOC)*operation and rough operating conditions
• Durable Polypropylene container
• Front terminal design with handles – Easy installation and maintenance
• Lowest energy consumption
• Maintenance free – no topping-up
• Warranty: 2 years + 3 years ProRata

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