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Victron Energy – Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct

230VAC/50Hz, Off-Grid & Mobile, NZ/AUS Outlet, 5 Year Warranty, IEC62109, ABS/Steel case, IP21, VE Direct Port

Brand: Victron Energy

Models: PHX IV 12/375-VE-O - 375VA 12V, PHX IV 12/500-VE-O - 500VA 12V, PHX IV 12/800-VE-O - 800VA 12V, PHX IV 12/1200-VE-O - 1200VA 12V, PHX IV 24/500-VE-O - 500VA 24V, PHX IV 24/800-VE-O - 800VA 24V, PHX IV 24/1200-VE-O - 1200VA 24V, OTHER MODELS AVAILABLE

PHX IV 12/375-VE-O; PHX IV 12/500-VE-O; PHX IV 12/800-VE-O, PHX IV 12/1200-VE-O; PHX IV 24/500-VE-O; PHX IV 24/800-VE-O, PHX IV 24/1200-VE-O

This inverters allow to power domestic equipment – requiring 230V AC – using ‘leisure’ or ‘automotive’ batteries rated at 12V or 24V DC.

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