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230VAC/50Hz, Charger, Off-Grid, MPPT Controller, 5 Year Warranty

Brand: Independent Power

Models: Outback/Morningstar Vented


The IPswitch DC-Coupled Power Conversion Switchboard was designed to provide the additional components necessary to create a compliant DC to AC power system. Our IPswitch is a compact, affordable and professional board for mounting a single inverter and controller. Just add solar modules and batteries, setup the system parameters and the system is ready to go. Independent Power can assist in a system design to suit your loads and select the best combination of products. Suited for off-grid, grid backup and grid-interactive applications.
Key Features:
1. Ipswitch is made from aluminium and earthed metal enclosure.
2. Pre-wired unit, offering easier and faster installation on site.
3. AS/NZ compliant – AC and DC is completely separated, all breakers are 2 pole non-polar.
4. Pre tested – Tested in-house by highly experienced tech team.
5. Easy installation – Complete installation is possible to be carried out by only 1 person.
6. Nice and tidy – No wiring visible externally.
7. Ipswitch construction is UL Certified.
8. Transportable, offering flexibility.
9. Offers mounting solution for large range of products from different manufacturers.
10. Field serviceable.

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