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Micro-Grid Power System for a Farm, Wairau Valley, New Zealand

Providing solar power and battery storage to 3 farm buildings 


  • Power was required to build two new residential and one commercial building planned for a farm

  • The lines company quoted the farmer a very high amount to provide mains power to the new development. 

  • The cost of connection to the grid made the project unfeasible

  • An alternative and omre economic power supply was a necessity


Installation of a Micro-Grid Power System, powered by an Off-grid solar PV array and energy storage system 

  • Supply of a ground mounted, central PV array

  • Installation of an Outback Power 12 kW peak power inverter system to supply all 3 buildings with electricity

  • Supply of a Sonnenschein battery bank

  • Provision of a Cat 22kVA diesel generator as a back-up solution


  • Significant improvements in the overall construction budget for the project, making it possible to start construction of the buildings

  • Abundant power available throughout the day from PV modules and at night from the battery storage system

  • No electricity bills

  • Highly reliable power supply 


CustomerBeef and cattle farmProjectAn Off-grid system for 3 buildingsLocationWairau Valley, New ZealandSize15 kW solar peak power comprising of 48 x 325 watt Yingli PV modules and a 3270Ah Sonnenschein battery bankComissionedJuly 2019Design, Supply & InstallationIndependent Power EPC Ltd & Rowan Dron Electrical LtdShare

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