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An off-grid power supply – Ocean Beach, Hawkes Bay

Supplying Solar Power to Cape Sanctuary



  • The aviary is located in a remote location with very limited access to the grid.
  • Create an alternative to a diesel generator which is more economic, quieter, reliable and a stand-alone power supply. 


  • 15∗290W monocrystalline PV Panels
  • Outback power conversion equipment
  • 1300 Ah battery bank – Outback OPZV-750


  • New fully compliant system
  • System reliability
  • Increased capacity of both storage and output.

Power supply

As the facility is 1.4km from the closest grid connection, therefore a solar system with storage was proposed to minimise the cost of power supply. The main loads are to be tailored to daylight hours, and some are summer loads only. However, there are some loads that would require 24 hour availability, necessitating the use of batteries. Independent Power designed and supplied a standalone system that was installed by the local team. 

“Independent Power supplied a tailor-made “off the grid solution” including high efficiency appliances for the facility. Using volunteer labour, we were able to quickly install and commission the system.” 
Paul Dippie – Project Coordinator

The project stands out as an example of: 

a) Exceptional involvement of local community of volunteers, who built the project with the objective to protect near-to-extinction species. 
b) Cost effective solution to expensive fees for connection when providing power to remote locations. 
c) Specialised design that combined solar with generator back up for egg hatching and bird nursery. 


Shore Plover Recovery Project 

The Shore Plover Recovery Project is located near Ocean Beach in Hawkes bay at the Cape Sanctuary and is an expansive 27,000Ha large scale predator control pilot project. 

There are only three populations of the birds in the wild in NZ; Portland Island (HB), Motuihe Island (Hauraki Gulf), and South East Island on the Chathams. These total around 200 birds. All of these sites are vulnerable to predator incursions. Shore Plover breeding facility consists of a large 900m2 aviary with 8 flights, and an adjacent brood house for incubation of eggs and brooding of chicks. The establishment and operation of the project required considerable amount of volunteer and sponsor input. It is a joint venture between the Lowe family and the Department of Conservation. 

More about the initiative can be found here 

CustomerLowe Family & Dept. of Conservation.ProjectAn Off-grid system for an aviary and service building.LocationCape Kidnappers, Hawke's Bay.Size4.3 kW solar peak power comprising of 15x 290 watt PV modules and a 1300Ah battery bank.Design & SupplyIndependent Power Ltd.Share

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