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Service and Repair

Our experienced technicians can deal with any issue related to solar & power conversion equipment. If an inverter or battery fails in an off-grid situation, it often means a power outage for a considerable length of tiem, or long run times from your back-up generator. Neither is a pleasant experience to go through.
These days power conversion equipment is highly sophisticated, so you need a specialist to accurately diagnose and solve a failure.

At Independent Power, our team is dedicated to finding the issue, providing a diagnosis and fixing it in a timely manner. We stand behind our products with parts and warranty support. We are an authorised service centre or assigned repair centre for most brands we supply. We offer:

  • System diagnostics
  • Spare parts for solar systems
  • Inverter repair
  • Wind turbine repair
  • Battery replacements
  • System upgrades

If you have equipment that is faulty and still under warranty, please initially contact the installer whom you purchased the goods from, or solar company who installed the goods for you. The company who installed the system is your first point of contact and ideally should provide the assistance in the first instance.

In case of any post warranty issues or a need for or system upgrade, then please contact us to discuss services required. We usually provide over the phone assistance and guidance. If any gear needs diagnostics in our workshop, then it will have to be sent to us for checking. Fees may apply. 

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