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Gridtied solar is an excellent decision not only to take control of your own power generation and savings, but  also to enhance the value of your property as well as do your part for our environmental future.

You are probably about to spend at least as much as you would on updating your car, so why not trust Independent Power with such an important decision?

Perhaps put it this way:- Would you buy an unknown brand of car from an unknown company and expect years of faultless use with good resale value?

Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • We are one of the oldest companies in our industry with over 33 years of experience

  • We only use quality products which we can offer reliable after-sales service for

  • The "Sunlock" mounting systems we use are of Australian/NZ design and manufacture

  • We install the grid tied inverter indoors wherever possible to reduce its running temperature, maximise its efficiency and service life, as well as to prevent theft

  • We offer inverters with dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) inputs as standard

  • Bluetooth/WiFi comes as standard for data-logging the performance of your system

  • Our systems come standard with a Surge Protection Device (SPD) lightning arrestor on the solar array

  • We take your safety very seriously and only use premium components throughout the entire system. The few cents saving in small components is not worth the fire risk

  • Optional battery backup kits are available for essential circuits such as Fridge, TV, lights, garage door, sewerage pumps, etc. to ensure power during blackouts

Panels made in China by a genuine Tier-1 manufacturer consistently ranked in the world top 10.

    Inverters made in Germany by the biggest (arguably the best) manufacturer in         the world.

We do not cut corners.
We do it right, or not at all.
Consider this investment wisely
as you expect it to work
for a very, very long time.

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