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Highly recommended as protection for your valuable power system are the Surge Protection Devices (SPD's) or lightning protectors from MidNite Solar and OutBack Power.

MidNite Surge Protection Devices for Lightning Protection

The SPD is offered in three different voltages to maximize the required protection level. Protection is achieved by reducing the clamping voltage to a safe level that your system can sustain without damaging any electronics in the system. The MNSPD is designed to clamp a 115,000 amp surge! Blue LED’s provide visual indication of operation from a distance.

MNSPD115          115V DC Clamp 295V@100A current 8/20μs
MNSPD300-DC    300V DC Clamp 775V@100A current 8/20μs
MNSPD300-AC   300V AC Clamp 775V@100A current 8/20μs
MNSPD600          600V AC Clamp 1290V@100A current 8/20μs


OutBack Power Surge Protection Devices for Lightning Protection

OutBack Power’s FLEXware Surge Protector is the only choice when you want to protect your FX Series Inverter/Charger from the harmful effects of transient power surges. Ease of installation and seamless integration make it the obvious addition to your OutBack Power system.

FW-SP-ACA       AC Surge Protectection Adaptor 390Vac / 150Vdc
FW-SP-R           Surge Protector Replacement



A Ground Fault Protection device (GFPD) detects a ground fault current, interrupts the flow of the current and provides an indication of the fault.   MidNite Solar,  Morningstar and OutBack Power offer solutions.

MidNite DC Ground Fault Protection Devices

MidNite’s breakers are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, with NO DAMAGE. Always use a properly sized breaker for disconnecting.

63 amp 150VDC din rail mount DC ground fault protector (NRTL listed breaker assy).
Breaker Torque Value: 20 In-Lbs (2.3NM)

0 amp 150VDC panel mount DC ground fault protector (NRTL listed breaker assy), 1/2 amp trip mechanism connects between battery negative and earth ground. Breaker Torque Value: 30 In-Lbs (3.4NM)

All MidNite circuit breakers hold 100% rated current independent of ambient temperature.


OutBack Power DC Ground Fault Protection

The OutBack PV Ground-Fault Detection and Interruption System protects wiring and system components for one, two or four PV arrays when used in a GSLC, FLEXware 250, FLEXware 500 or FLEXware 1000. Front panel mount with stud terminals on the back. Ring Terminals

PNL-GFDI-80D PV Ground-Fault Detector Interrupter 80 Amp 150Vdc two pole panel mount

  • Uses two 3/4" wide panel mount breaker spaces.
  • Dual 60A PV circuits 125 VDC max-uses 3 small breaker spaces. Includes ground bus bar
  • 1/4" stud
  • NEC2008 requires DC-GFP in ALL residential solar installations.
  • Width: 57.3 mm
Morningstar DC Ground Fault Protection Devices
When a ground fault is detected, Morningstar’s GFPD breaks the circuit  on both the positive and the negative legs and ensures interruption of  the ground fault current.

60 amp 150V maximum PV voltage

The Morningstar GFPD supports a wide range of battery voltages (12V, 24V, 36V, 48 Vdc nominal systems) and many advanced design
features for simplified installation. The GFPD is equipped with:
• A bi-color LED to provide operating status, GFPD events and module or wiring faults
• A notification and alarm feature, providing an extra safety measure:
• Detects a ground fault condition
• Indicates when the PV system’s battery bank voltage is getting critically low
• A simple test button feature for an installer to press to simulate a trip event when checking wiring and switches

50 amp 500V maximum PV voltage

Maintains the integrity of earth bond for battery and loads
• Trips at lower fault current with greater accuracy
• Breaks both conductors in the faulted circuit and completely isolates PV source circuits
• Provides design flexibility to meet a wide range of configurations:
• Positive and negative ground
• Large and small arraysasis.

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