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Test Equipment


To certify that appliances are operating to authorised standards, it is important to carry out testing and measurement at regular intervals. Test equipment suited for this purpose depends very much on the measurements to be taken and recorded.

Independent Power are able to supply Refrigeration Test Packs which allow checking and logging of cabinet temperatures  to ensure safety of foodstuffs being stored.



Simulation packs for testing refrigeration units to specified test standards

Independent Power, manufacture refrigeration test packs using specified ingredients, oxyethylmethylcellulose and chloro-m-cresol, that comply to the Standards AS / NZS 4474 2007 and its amendments.

The special feature of the packaging is that each unit is vacuum sealed to eliminate evaporation, giving it a long life expectancy, then enclosed in a clear food grade 0.225 micron PVC container. The M-Packs (sensor packs) are fitted with a stainless steel thermowell and sealed through an IP65 rated gland to preserve the packages 'sealed' integrity.


200 x 100 x 50 (mm) - 1000 g
100 x 100 x 50 (mm) - 500 g
100 x 50 x 50 (mm) - 250 g
200 x 100 x 25 (mm) - 500 g
100 x 100 x 25 (mm) - 250 g
100 x 50 x 25 (mm) - 125 g


Size:   100 x 100 x 50 (mm) - 500 g  (fitted with thermowell)

The thermowell tip is positioned at the geometrical centre point of the pack in contact with the filling material. Multiple test probe options are available, being made to suit the configuration for whichever measuring device is being used for the testing. The probe as positioned in the thermowell will be retained in position by an O-ring.

Please contact us for further information, or for any specific requirements you may have, as we are able to manufacture to suit.

Fridge Test Pack brochure

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