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Accessories for the CLASSIC and CLASSIC Solar MPPT Solar Controllers

Graphics Panel for the CLASSIC

The MNGP Charge Controller Graphics Panel is similar to the graphics panel on the MidNite Solar Classic charge controller, but is designed for remote mounting.

The Classic can be controlled with two MNGPs at the same time. This will help when the Classic is in a shed and there is a considerable distance between the Classic and the controlling point (inside house, garage etc.). Instead of going to the Classic to check status or to change a setting, the user can run a cable to the controlling point and see the Classic in this second MNGP. The cable is a standard six wire phone cable. Connect one side of the extension cable to the jack in the Classic labeled SLAVE/OUT and the other end to the second MNGP. Since the Classic transmits power and data signals through the phone cable to the MNGP, the length of the cable is limited to 30m.

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