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MidNite Solar Charge Controllers


Classic MPPT Charge Controller

The MidNite Classic charge controllers offer many useful features including Ground Fault Protection (GFP) which eliminates the need for a separate GFP breaker assembly.

Three sizes are available to accommodate solar arrays with operating voltages up to 150, 200, or 250 VDC.

A feature called HyperVOC protects the controller from damage when open-circuit voltage exceeds the operating voltage by a margin equal to or less than the battery bank voltage. Be sure to consult the power curves in the user's manual when sizing your PV
array as allowable current varies with array voltage, or check out the String Sizing Tool for further assistance.

CLASSIC 150-RCM    compliant with IEC62109 *

The Classic MPPT Charge Controller substantially increases the flexibility, features and range currently found on MPPT controllers. The Classic is the only MPPT controller that has Arc Fault Detection*, making this controller the safest controller available. With the Classic 150 ranging up to 96 amps, the Classic 200, 79 amps and the Classic 250, 63 amps.

Brochure Classic 200 / 250


  • 150, 200 and 250Vdc operating voltages
  • 12-72Vdc battery charging standard with models up to 120Vdc battery bank
  • Built in DC-GFP and Arc Fault Detector*
  • Solar, wind and hydro MPPT modes
  • Ethernet, USB** and RS232
  • Remote and local displays possible
  • 20 megs of data logging
  • Includes wall mount adapter
  • Sealed for harsh environments

*   Arc Fault Detector NOT AVAILABLE on the Classic 150-RCM model
** USB port NOT AVAILABLE on the Classic 150-RCM model
The KID 30A MPPT Charge Controller 150Vdc

The MNKID 30 A MPPT charge controllers from MidNite Solar are versatile charge controllers for small to medium-sized renewable energy systems. The KID works with 12, 24, 36, and 48 VDC battery systems and has a 150 VDC operating limit; but is not damaged with DC voltages as high as 162 VDC, due to MidNite’s HyperVOC circuitry. The KID has a three-LED bar graph, showing battery-charge
status, and a keypad to access extensive menu items and set-points.

The KID controllers include a load control with load low-voltage disconnect (LVD). This can also be programmed as a lighting controller with dusk-to-dawn or various other on and off times. There is also a programmable AUX relay. Sealed electronics and passive cooling (no fans) make it ideal for use in harsh environments. There are front-panel breakers for input, battery, and load. The controller’s operating temperature range is -40 ºC to +50 ºC but the controller will automatically de-rate at temperatures above 25 ºC. Add the
battery-temperature sensor (BTS) to these models.

Available in either white or black casing, the KID is made in the USA and is covered by a two-year warranty.
The MNKID-M Marine version comes standard with the MNKID-M-BKT Boat Mounting Bracket, flexible conduit, battery-temperature sensor and extra conformal coating.

The MidNite Whiz Bang Jr is a current-sense module that attaches to a standard Deltec 500 A / 50 mV shunt and wires into the MidNite Classic or KID charge controllers to give amperage readings from the shunt enabling absorb charge to stop according to a current set point. In this mode, if the battery current falls below a programmable threshold for one minute, the Classic or KID will recognize that the batteries are fully charged and switch to float mode.

The KID is the most versatile medium-sized MPPT charge controller on the market. Ideal for small renewable energy systems, the KID allows for true input paralleling. As your power needs grow, add more modules to the array, and a second KID. This will give twice the power from a single array. Available in Black or White wall mount or marine version, which comes standard with the mounting bracket, 4ft of flexible conduit, battery temp sensor and extra conformal coating.    


Owners Manual


  • True paralleling - Inputs and Outputs for two KIDs

  • Up to 150Vdc input with Midnite's exclusive HyperVOC extending the input voltage beyond 150 Voc for cold climates

  • 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc battery output

  • Load/Clipper function user selectable. Clipper function is used on Wind/Hydro and requires an additional Midnite KID Clipper

  • Lighting Controller: dusk-dawn; hourly; day; night settings

  • Up to 30 amps battery output with low input voltage based off of PV configuration

  • No fan

  • Reverse polarity protected

  • Exchangeable Front panel fuses for battery, input and load/clipper

  • 3 LED bar graph for battery status at a glance

  • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points



The MNBRAT is a PWM charge controller with either a 20 A charger and 10 A load control, or a 30 A charger without load control. Usable with 36-cell modules to charge 12 or 24 VDC battery banks, with three or four-stage charging. It has no relays, fans or external heat sink, and is in a clear polycarbonate NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure with 4 LED’s to display system status. The 10 A load control can be used as a low voltage disconnect or a 16-position lighting control. The controller’s operating temperature range is -40 ºC to +60 ºC but the controller will automatically de-rate at temperatures above 25 ºC. Ambient temperature sensing for charge voltage compensation is internal to these models.

30 amp as Controller without Load Control
20 amp as Controller with Load Control

  • Up to 60 Vdc Input Voltage
    12 or 24Vdc Battery Voltage
    Bulk, Absorb, Float and Equalisation
    Battery Temperature Compensation
    Four LED's for Bulk, Float, Load On and Battery Low Voltage Disconnect
    Lighting Control - 16 position rotary switch
    Outdoor Weatherproof IP55 enclosure


Accessories for the CLASSIC and CLASSIC Solar MPPT Solar Controllers

Graphics Panel for the CLASSIC

The MNGP Charge Controller Graphics Panel is similar to the graphics panel on the MidNite Solar Classic charge controller, but is designed for remote mounting.

The Classic can be controlled with two MNGPs at the same time. This will help when the Classic is in a shed and there is a considerable distance between the Classic and the controlling point (inside house, garage etc.). Instead of going to the Classic to check status or to change a setting, the user can run a cable to the controlling point and see the Classic in this second MNGP. The cable is a standard six wire phone cable. Connect one side of the extension cable to the jack in the Classic labeled SLAVE/OUT and the other end to the second MNGP. Since the Classic transmits power and data signals through the phone cable to the MNGP, the length of the cable is limited to 30m.

Dummy Graphics Panel for CLASSIC

If you wish to remove the real display panel and locate it remotely, this MNGP Dummy Graphics Panel fills in the gap for you.
Battery Temperature Sensor for the Classic and Classic Solar

The MNBTS Battery Temperature Sensor is a remote temperature sensor with a 15-feet cable for use with Classic controllers.

Classic Stacking Cable

Communications cable for CLASSIC controllers. 300V, 3ft in length. Used to network MidNite products together.
Over current protection for Wind/Hydro applications
1,500 watt AC Clipper for wind or hydro designed to work with the MidNite Classic. The Clipper comes in different resistance values per phase to allow you to tailor it to your specific turbine.

Over current protection for Wind/Hydro applications
4,000 watt AC Clipper for wind or hydro designed to work with the MidNite Classic. The Clipper comes in different resistance values per phase to allow you to tailor it to your specific turbine.

Over current protection for Wind/Hydro applications
4,000 watt DC Clipper for wind or Hydro designed to work with the MidNite Classic. The Clipper comes in different resistance values to allow you to tailor it to your specific turbine.

Current Sense Module

The Whiz Bang Jr is a current sense module that attaches to the standard 50mv / 500A Shunt and wires into the Classic and KID charge controllers to give Amperage readings from the shunt.

Installation Guide
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