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Charge Controllers - MPPT


MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controllers allow your solar modules to operate at their peak output voltage, improving their performance by as much as 30%. The controller harvests power from the solar array at the maximum voltage and converts it down to battery voltage, boosting charging current (Amps) in the process.

Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers are designed for use in larger solar module systems, where the modules are configured in long series strings to maximize voltage and amps output. Some models are designed solely for use with solar modules, while others can be used in solar, wind and hydro systems.

PT-100: 100A 200VOC

The PT-100 is a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) charge controller designed to harvest the maximum available energy from the PV array and deliver it to the batteries. The PT-100’s MPPT algorithm finds the maximum power point of the array and operates at this point while regulating the output current to 100 amps and battery voltage to fully charge the battery.


  • High Efficiency: The PT-100 provides typical 99% conversion efficiency anduses less than four watts of power in nighttime mode.
  • MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking technology for increased PV power output efficiency.
  • Voltage Options: Compatible with 12, 24, or 48V battery systems withautomatic detection of system voltage. The PT-100 will produce up to 100 amps regardless of battery voltage.
  • Supports a Large PV Array: A single controller supports a large PV array up to 6600W. Larger PV arrays may be used because the PT-100 is current limited to 100 amps for maximum harvest.
  • Optimal Battery Charging: Automatic battery temperature compensation using an included external temperature sensor for optimum battery charging, even during extreme temperature changes.
  • Multi-stage Charging: Maximizes system performance and improves battery life.
  • GFDI: Integrated PV Ground-Fault Detection and Interruption/Indication, with pre-fault leakage/diagnostic metering.
  • LED Indicators and Screen: Multiple LED indicators and large digital LED screen on front panel for easy-to-read system information.
  • On-site Updates: The PT-100’s software can be updated on site.
  • Extensive Electronic Protection: Over-temperature protection, power derating when temperature is high, PV short circuit and high PV input shutdown, output overcurrent protection and night-time back-feed (reverse current) protection.
  • AFCI: An integrated PV Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter detects, indicates, and extinguishes series arcs.
  • Convenient Installation: Run all of the wiring to the unique, remain-in-place wiring box with ease prior to installing the full PT-100 unit.
  • Easy MP and MMP integration: The PT-100 is designed to work with Magnum Panel (MMP). It provides room and access to PV and battery disconnect breakers.

Even More Functionality with the Optional Remote
  • Built-in programmable auxiliary relay for device control.
  • Internal data logging functionality keeps energy harvest information and battery Ahr/Whr data up to 255 days. Use the optional remote to display this information.

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