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Monitoring and Protection

IEM2000     kWh Meter    40A 1 phase

Owning an off grid power system without a kWh meter is like buying a car without an odometer.

In our opinion, kWh meters are the single best investment anyone can make in any size power system, and a great addition for existing systems too. Without one, you have no idea of the power being used, which can lead to over-use of the system, high generator runtimes, shortened battery life and warranty arguments.

The Schneider  IEM2000 meter features a very wide input range (230Vac +/- 20%) and 45-65Hz for use with generators, narrow DIN rail mounting so can be added to almost any household switchboard, 10mm cable entry and tamper proof counter.

Poles description:
Type of measurement:
Device application:

Accuracy class:  
Measurement accuracy:
Input type:   
[In] rated current:
Rated voltage:  
Network frequency:

Frequency range:
Technology type:  
Display type:
Sampling rate:   
Display digits:
Communication port support:
Power consumption in VA:
Mounting mode:   
Mounting support:
Connections - terminals:     
Tightening torque:
IP degree of protection:
Climatic conditions:

9 mm pitches:  
Product weight :

1P + N
Active power
Sub billing

Active energy : class 1 according to IEC 62053-21
+/- 20 V
Direct input
40 A
230 V +/- 20%
50 Hz
60 Hz
48...62 Hz
32 samples/cycle
<= 10 VA
DIN rail
Tunnel type terminals 1 cable(s) 10 mm² bottom for power circuit
Power circuit : 1.2 N.m
IEC 61557-12
IEC 62053-21
IP40 conforming to IEC 60529
Relative humidity : 2 : 95 % at 55 °C
Storage temperature : - 40...70 °C
Operating temperature (>= 32 A) : - 20...55 °C
Operating temperature (< 32 A) : - 20...70 °C
18 mm
95 mm
67 mm
0.073 kg
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