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Going solar has many advantages to offer your business

Many commercial businesses operate during the day when solar energy is abundant. This means they can harvest this free solar power and gain the benefits of producing electricity from their own roof.

Why is solar power good for your business?

It gives you long lasting cost savings

In many cases, it is cheaper to produce solar energy on your roof than to buy it from a power company. This means there is a high chance that your business can significantly lower its running costs after installing a solar power system.

cost savings picture

It protects you from energy price rises

You become partially independent from potential power price increases in the future. A Solar PV system locks down your power price for the 25 years of its usual lifetime.

price rises picture

It highlights your commitment to the ‘green’ movement

It emphasises your business’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. It is proof that your business cares and uses renewable and clean electricity for its own operations.

green power

It gives a boost to your marketing

Having solar panels on your roof enhances your brand image and enhances your marketing efforts. It is not a new phenomenon that clients are now looking for reliable products and services with a minimal environmental footprint. Going solar can definitely position your business well compared to your competitors.

marketing picture

Make use of unproductive space

When you install and produce your own electricity from solar panels you are utilising roof space that is normally not used.

space saving picture
How can we help?

Independent Power NZ Ltd has been supplying renewable energy products for over three decades to the New Zealand and Pacific Islands market. With our extensive experience in design and supply, we will provide your business with a quality solution that will be reliable and cost effective. Together with our partners, we are able to supply you with a total turn-key solution covering initial design through to procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of your new solar power plant.

For discussions and options for large scale solar power systems for your business

Please contact

Jarek Pole
Sales & Marketing Manager

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