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Storage Batteries - Flooded Deep Cycle Lead Acid


US Battery Flooded Deep Cycle

Made in America, the US Battery Flooded Lead Acid batteries utilise the company’s  exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology®, allowing them  to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles, higher total energy delivery,  and an extended battery life.   And because of US Battery’s unique  design and variety of sizes in 6, 8 and 12-volt applications, the FLA  batteries offer the best compatibility with the wide range of chargers  used in the field. This is why US Battery’s proven manufacturing  processes, along with its reliable and dependable service, continues to  be the most trusted world-wide brand for over 90 years.

  • XC2™ Formulation:  The industry’s most efficient uniform layers of tetrabasic sulphate  crystals (battery cell-plate paste) enable US Battery products to  achieve the highest initial capacity and highest rated capacity on the  market.
  • Diamond Plate Technology®: The  most efficient cell paste requires an effective structure to hold it in  position. US Battery’s Diamond Plate Technology® is a unique cell  plate design that when combined with XC2™ Formulation, creates the most  efficient cell-plate design in the industry. This translates to greater  overall capacity, longer battery life and the ability to reach peak  capacity in fewer cycles.
  • Rugged Construction:  Made with a tough polypropylene exterior case and hand cast heavy-duty  connector lugs, US Battery Marine/RV Deep Cycle Batteries can take the  rigours of use in a variety of vehicles.
  • SpeedCap® Venting Positive Locking System: US Battery makes it easy to conduct maintenance with a removable vent system that’s easy to operate and locks in place.

Normally stocked models

AHrs @ C20 Rate @ 20° C

Other sizes available upon request

1150 cycles @ 50% DoD

24 month warranty
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