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Battery Management - Accessories


The RTS is recommended whenever the temperature of the battery varies more than 5°C (9°F) during the year.

For maximum protection from harsh environments, the sensor is  encapsulated in epoxy inside a power lug housing. The RTS is also  protected from lightning surges and short circuits.

MNBTS - Battery Temperature Sensor

Battery Temperature Sensor for use with MidNite Solar controllers

MNHYDROMETER - For measuring SG of flooded batteries

RTS-OUTBACK - Battery Temperature Sensor

Battery Temperature Sensor for use with OutBack Power Inverter/Charges and Controllers.

The OutBack Remote Temperature Sensor is a necessary tool for  proper battery charging. All OutBack products with integrated battery  charging have a temperature compensation system built-in which benefits  from the installation of the RTS (included with inverter/chargers).   Systems with multiple OutBack products connected to one HUB4 or HUB10.3  require installation of only a single RTS.

FW-SHUNT250 - DC Current Shunt with terminal bus bar for use with OutBack FW250 enclosures

250 Amp 25mV DC current shunt with attached terminal bus bar for  mounting on top of a FXR Series Inverter/Charger. Includes bus bar for  connection to inverter's DC negative terminal.

PHX-RP-BC - Phoenix Battery Charger Remote Panel

The Phoenix Charger Control panel provides remote control and monitoring  of the charge process with LED indication of the charger status. In  addition, the remote panel also offers output current adjustment that  can be used to limit the output current and thus the power drawn from  the AC supply. This is particularly useful when operating the charger  from limited shore power or small gensets. The panel can also be used to  change the battery charging parameters. The brightness of the LEDs is  automatically reduced during night time. Connection to the charger is  with a standard UTP cable.   


The Battery Balancer equalizes the state of charge of two series  connected 12V batteries, or of several parallel strings of series  connected batteries.When the charge voltage of a 24V battery system  increases to more than 27V, the Battery Balancer will turn on and  compare the voltage over the two series connected batteries. The Battery  Balancer will draw a current of up to 1A from the battery (or parallel  connected batteries) with the highest voltage. The resulting charge  current differential will ensure that all batteries will converge to the  same state of charge.
If needed, several balancers can be paralleled.
A 48V battery bank can be balanced with three Battery Balancers.

BATTPRO1224-100A - Battery Protector

The BatteryProtect disconnects the battery from non essential loads  before it is completely discharged (which would damage the battery) or  before it has insufficient power left to crank the engine.  


The Battery Alarm is a small and low cost alarm panel which monitors  your battery bank. It features both audible and visual alarms, as well  as a potential free contact with normally open and normally closed  contacts. Alarm thresholds and hysteresis are programmable by DIP  switches.



500SHUNT - 500A 50mV

A shunt is an accurate, very low resistance resistor which is placed "in line" with the wire carrying the current to be measured.


Battery hydrometers to accurately measure SG (Specific Gravity) of flooded batteries

  • Checks the charge level of a battery by testing the specific gravity of the battery fluid
  • Calibrated graduations for accurate measurement
  • Glass tube
  • Simple and easy to use

Battery Terminal Clamps + / - to suit A type battery terminals

These heavy duty solder-less range of brass plated zinc battery terminals have got you connected.
They are an ideal  option for replacing worn terminals on a main battery or connecting  auxilliary batteries.

• Supplied as a positive/negative pair
• Bolt fittings for cable lug connection

            Length : 50.0mm   Width : 35.0mm   Height : 20.0mm


Pack of 16 Safety Labels for Battery Based Power Systems


SONNENSCHEIN Parallel Kit for Lithium Home9 Module

To suit paralleling of up to 10 SONNENSCHEIN@HOME lithium batteries.

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