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Grid Tied Solar Power Systems

Independent Power are now offering the only Grid Tied Inverter manufactured in New Zealand.

Grid Tied Packages

  • 2.5kW Solar Array

  • 3kW Solar Array
  • 4kW Solar Array
  • 5kW Solar Array

Sick of rising electricity costs? Want to reduce your monthly outgoings? Want to take control of your own energy? Include failsafe options for critical loads?

Grid-tied (also known as "Grid connected") systems are not new but have been slow to be accepted  due to their traditionally high cost and long payback times.

This is rapidly changing due to the falling cost of photovoltaic (PV) "solar panels" and associated equipment over the last few years combined with steadily rising power costs.

Most homes can now enjoy substantially reduced electricity bills (or even eliminate them completely) for less than the price of renovating a kitchen or adding a pool/shed.

Sunlight is converted to DC electricity by the solar panels.
The DC power is converted to AC by the inverter.
Some of the AC power generated is used within your home to run standing loads like fridges, clocks, etc.
The excess of AC power made is sold or "exported" back to the national grid.

How do I know what size system I need?

Have a look at your last electricity bill. There should be a graph showing average kilo-Watt-hours (kWh) or "Units" per day. Contact Independent Power to assist in your choice from this point on, as we can access historic records of sunshine for all areas of New Zealand.

For example: Auckland has 2013 hours per year / 365 = 5.5hours sun per day on average

If your household usage was 20kWh (Units) per day / 5.5 = 3.63kW system needed MINIMUM

However, realistically, it makes sense to install the biggest system possible to take advantage of the one-time labour and electricians costs. This is typically 5kW for most domestic installations.

How much does it cost?

First, take a look at your roof!

Do you have enough space? Most 270W to 290W solar modules are around 1m wide X 1.7m long, and you will need 20 of them for a 5kW system.

Does it face north? North is ideal, but the array can be split with some facing East and West but it will require a dual-input inverter.
Does your roof have tin or tiles? Tile mounting takes a bit longer therefore costs a little more (and will probably break one, so do you have spares?)
Any access issues? Single storey? Steep pitch?
Doesyour roof  have any shading issues? Chimney? TV antenna/dish to be moved? Trees to be pruned?
Any ‘roof junk’ in the way? Vent pipes or heatpump to relocate?
Is there any likelihood of neighbours trees growing or any building in the future?
Are you in a remote area? What is the travel time to/from site?
Does it have any building covenants, is it an historic building, need planning approval?

So, how much does it cost?

Independent Power only offer top quality products from Yingli Solar,  SMA Germany and EnaSolar New Zealand.

German made products are the industry benchmark in terms of reliability, efficiency and performance at a fair price. The EnaSolar GT inverter is the only grid-tie inverter made in New Zealand.

The cost?

Talk to us and give us all of your information first.

As a guide, for a basic 5kW system in metro Auckland installed on a tin roof, including installation, electrician and all paperwork, budget on around $15,000.

Do you want to add batteries to your system?

We can add a backup battery storage option to any system, either new or retrofitted to an existing system. This type of system is ideal for businesses who need an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), but also want the green kudos from solar, such as a Datacentre, Dentist or Vets operating theatre

For home use backup the TV and beer fridge, a few lights, basement pump, garage door opener, tropical fish tank, etc..

During an extended power failure, those critical loads will continue to run, and recharge during the day when sun is available, giving you the ability to potentially have power indefinitely during a crisis.

The only limit is your imagination and budget.

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