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We offer a comprehensive range of products designed specifically for the off-grid market, and continue to add new products to our range.


During our 33 years in the alternative power industry, we have gathered together a lot of information about going off-grid.  


Thank you for your interest in Independent Power NZ Ltd.
We look forward to being your business partner.

Reliability and quality in everything we do.

Independent Power have been importing and distributing alternative power products to our extensive Dealer Network for over 33 years now.   We reckon that over that time, we have had to work out designs for pretty much every possible situation, and therefore we are your best choice for system design and supply.    Please use our accumulated experience and knowledge of all things off-grid to your advantage.

We offer an extensive range of quality products from long-standing reputable manufacturers, and stand behind all that we sell. From the initial system design, through to product supply and full technical support for the installation process, we have everything covered.

Website Last Updated 26th July 2019
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